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In the Year of our Lord 1521, in the Castle of Griante, had its end the eventful life of John the Crazy, who was born in Brenzio in the Parish of Dongo.

At the beginning he was a soldier of venture under the Republic of Venice, then, later on, he became Admiral of his own pirate fleet with which, for many years, he searched the lake terrifying the along-shore villages. During the endless war for the succession to the Dukedom of Milan, he entered into alliance with the Grisons against the French, who contended to the Spanish the Swiss and the Germans, the possession of the Lombard territory. In the end, he was given the command of a column made of stranded Lombard soldier of venture and Lansquenets (German mercenaries), with which he should have conquered Como back from the French.

The adventure of John the Crazy is but a modest episode in the long and bloody war between France and Spain on Italian soil, which started at the end of the 15th century and ended with the Peace of Cambrai the 8th of August 1529. Nevertheless, it is of particular interest for those, like us, who want to point out how a quiet and peaceful village like Griante had to witness and take part to some events which upset the normal life of people, in a period of great turmoil.



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